Tiësto - Kaleidoscope: A review of sorts

1. Sigur Rós guy on a trancey record? It's certainly better than Poppiholla.
2-5. These are mostly all the same thing except with different guests singing. Too poppy IMO, and bending towards the shit-pop end of the spectrum at that.
6. Has beardy guy on it. Not as good as the last beardy guy/Tiësto track (Ride) but nb by any means.
7. Nice short instrumental
8. Fucking KELE! It's better than Bloc Party.
9. I dunno how to describe this. Elements of trance, elements of dance, elements of Detroit techno?
10. I FUCKING LOVE Calvin Harris. Even though his vocal contribution to this is the incredibly cheesy 'Hello! Can you hear me? Now put your hands in the air for a century / Hello! If you hear me Now put your hands in the air for a century' Fantastic dance track. I know this because I danced to it. Did I mention I love Calvin Harris?
11. Meh. Fuck off Tegan & Sara
12. About romance + not going home 'til the sun comes up.
13 + 14. These two remind me of David Beckham. idk
15. He liketh the dance-pop i c
16. It's like a less Traffic-y 'Traffic'
17. Quiet ambienty and trancey without the trance. Would fit in well at the beginning or end of a future In Search of Sunrise, so it would.

The iTunes Album Review Rating Thingy says....

I'm going to take off a point for the album art though, and because it doesn't deserve 8/10

Tiësto - Kaleidoscope: Not trancey enough. Too dance poppy. Good nonetheless but wears some kind of gay jacket. I love Calvin Harris. 7/10

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