Aphex Twin's non-Aphex Twin stuff: A review of sorts

Here are my top ten Aphex Twin tracks that weren't released under the Aphex Twin moniker. Enjoy. There are also Youtube streams here for each of the ten tracks. Enjoy those as well! I have written a little bit too.. you won't enjoy that though.

10. Arched Maid Via RDJ
AFX - Hangable Auto Bulb (1995)

With the breakbeat-flirting drumming that sounds as if it could lose control at any time, it keeps itself well restrained, and lets the pretty amazing synths wow us as well. The final track from Hangable Auto Bulb, and an anagram of Richard David Jame.

9. W32.Mydoom.AU@mm
AFX - Analord 11 (2005)

One of the better moments on the excessive Analord series, this track slowly builds up yet flies past until you don't even know your feet are tapping the floor. Well, my feet. Nine minutes of darkening bliss. Yes, darkening.

8. PWSteal.Ldpinch.D
Analord 08 (2005)

A simple yet effective beat and a melody that doesn't stray too far away from comfort can't stop this from being an addictive piece of music. Not bad for a trojan horse huh

7. We Are the Music Makers (Hardcore Mix)
Caustic Window - Joyrex J9ii (1993) / Compilation (1998)

If you're in the mood for Willy Wonka samples but haven't got the time nor the will to listen to thon seven minute version from Selected Ambient Works 85-92, then check this shit out. It's nothing like the original - save for the sample - and it's fucking awesummm.

6. Audax Powder
Polygon Window - Surfing on Sine Waves (1993)

If it wasn't for the stall at the end of this track, this would be perfect on SAW85-92.

5. On the Romance Tip
Caustic Window -
Joyrex J5 EP (1992) / Compilation (1998)

Another track that could fit into SAW85-92 so, so snugly. As it is, it's stuck on a couple of Caustic Window releases, only be listened to by those delving deep into James' back catalogue.

4. Reg
Mike & Rich - Expert Knob Twiddlers (1996)

Stuart says: nyeahnyeahneyahnyeah yeahkappa paw
and so do I. The most memorable track from this collaboration with Mike Paradinas; it pretty much starts off with nyeahnyeahneyahnyeah yeahkappa paw, the strangest 'vocals' I've ever heard in James' work, tails off into two minutes of pondering rhythm and then straight back to the almost stupid, but ridiculously catchy nyeahnyeahneyahnyeah yeahkappa paw. I'd just like to mention nyeahnyeahneyahnyeah yeahkappa paw again.

3. If It Really Is Me
olygon Window - Surfing on Sine Waves (1993)

A lovely piece of laid-back early nineties house which is just perky enough to keep you alert. Sublime.

2. Every Day
AFX - Hangable Auto Bulb (1995)

I once read somewhere (Wikipedia probably) that the vocal samples are from a recorded phone call with James' mother Lorna. I dunno if that's true but whatever it is, he's utilised it well. There's no one dominating aspect of this.. the beats, the chorus, the melody.. stunning. Get me another shirt.

1. Crying in Your Face
AFX - Analord 04 (2005)

Thom Yorke played this on Radio 1. Nuff said.

The pedantic cunt in me wants to tell ^ this guy he's been tagging it incorrectly.

Aphex Twin.

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