Gigs 2009: A review of sorts

5. Thomas Truax
Lavery's Bunker, Belfast, June 9
My third time seeing crazy old Thomas, and he never gets old. Not least because he has a new set of songs to try out, songs that are from the films of David Lynch. Baby Please Don't Go used to be played by Belfast rockers Them back in the aul days, In Heaven was delightfully weird, the stripped down version of Bowie's I'm Deranged was beautiful, the "corny" Twin Peaks theme (with lyrics!) and of course I Put A Spell On You - Mr Truax made them all his own. Unfortunately he didn't play the fantastic Wicked Game, but he did regale us with fan favourites Full Moon Over Wowtown and The Butterfly & The Entemologist. I haven't even mentioned his invented instruments yet!

4. And So I Watch You From Afar
Mandela Hall, Belfast, April 4
Locals boys done good! Hundreds of fans descended upon the Mandela Hall to witness ASIWYFA's debut album launch, and what an album launch it was. Right from Set Guitars to Kill the whole Hall was in a mood for going crazy and being in awe (a good combination). I also fell in love with Adebisi Shank that night

3. Jandek
Elderfleet, Larne, July 19
A Texan in a bowler hat, a Scotsman, and a ..woman play their instruments with a seemingly casual disregard for rhythm, nonstop for an hour and a half, with Mr Representative occasionally groaning out "get in the phooooootttoooooo". It's better than it sounds. A hilariously wankered tracksuit-wearing local passed some of his time heckling the performers and joining in with the singing - that'll be fun to hear when Larne Sunday gets released around 2015.

2. Mogwai
Academy, Dublin, March 22
Cody? Auto Rock? Jim Morrison? Christmas Steps? Hunted by a Freak? WE'RE NO HERE??
The lovely Mogwai (fronted by the lovely Stuart Braithwaite) play a lovely selection of tracks to a lovely bunch of Dubliners (who can keep their mouths shut throughout, unlike those nasty Belfasters) in the lovely Academy on a lovely Sunday night. It was lovely. Bit loud though.

1. Electric Six
Academy, Dublin, December 5
Best band ever plays awesome gig. Doesn't really need an explanation!

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